Music Artist Arrested Under Rape Charges

October 07, 2017Oct 07, 2017

Hip Hop artist “Nelly” was arrested under rape charges on Saturday, October 7th. Nelly is well-known for a number of his original songs and has also worked with other big-name music artists including Kelly Rowland on “Dilemma,” Florida Georgia Line on “Cruise,” and many others.

He has received musical awards including a few Grammys. Additionally, he has played supporting acting roles including in the movie, “The Longest Yard.”

According to TMZ, a woman accused Nelly of raping her on his tour bus, which reportedly occurred early Saturday morning just before 4:00 AM. Nelly was arrested for second-degree rape, but was released shortly after.

NPR reported that a call was made to a local Washington police department by the woman who accused Nelly of sexual assault.

Nelly had denied this allegation and his lawyer assures this will eventually come out to the public as false.

His lawyer released the following statement to TMZ, "Nelly is the victim of a completely fabricated allegation. Our initial investigation clearly establishes the allegation is devoid of credibility and is motivated by greed and vindictiveness.”

He continued, “I am confident, once the scurrilous accusation is thoroughly investigated, there will be no charges. Nelly is prepared to pursue all legal avenues to redress any damage caused by this clearly false allegation."

The rapper is currently on tour with Florida Georgia Line. It is unclear if it will affect the rest of the tour as of Saturday, but since the allegation hasn't been proven true, it seems as though it will not. 

Previously, Nelly has had other legal issues in relation to taxes and drug possession.

Watch Nelly in one of Florida Georgia Line’s songs below.

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