Neighbor Gets Anonymous Note Asking Him to Remove American Flag, His Response Will Make Bald Eagles Soar

August 23, 2018Aug 23, 2018

The nation has become more divided than ever in recent years. Political views are separated people in America and many people seem to be defensive and on edge.

However, even in times like these, amazing and patriotic news stories are making headlines. Such is the case after a neighbor left an anonymous note asking another neighbor to remove the American flag from his vehicle.

The anonymous author said that the flag shows "oppression and racism" and is intimidating to some people. However, it was the owner's response that is making this story go viral!

Instead of caving to the request, this patriot did something that will have bald eagles soaring high and proud! He decided to outfit the rest of his vehicles with flags as well!

Share this story if you like his repose and you agree! If you're proud of America then it is important to spread stories like this and keep patriotism alive and well in our nation!

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