NCAA Football Recruit Credits Tim Tebow With Changing His Life

July 06, 2017Jul 06, 2017

Logan Lee, a rising high school junior, just committed to playing football for Iowa Hawkeyes. He lives in Illinois, and he’s never met Tim Tebow, but he credits him for his success. As Lee grew up, he watched Tebow win a Heisman trophy, succeed as a quarterback for Florida, and lead the Denver Broncos to the playoffs. “He always liked his leadership style, the impact he had on others, and that he was religious,” writes Bobby La Gesse for Land of 10.

But Tebow’s impact on Logan intensified when he was in fifth grade, and he picked up Tebow’s book, “Through My Eyes.” He says it changed his life.

He took the lessons he read in Tebow’s book to heart. The book chronicles his early life: how his mom rejected an abortion; how Tebow struggled with dyslexia; details of his early football career; and how his Christian faith shaped his life and career.

Lee immediately put Tebow’s philosophy of treating his body like a temple into effect, and he bet his dad $100 he could not drink soda for a year.

“It ended up being easier than I figured,” he told La Gesse.

He has yet to drink soda five years later, instead “choosing to treat his body like a temple and maximizing his chances of success,” he told Land of 10.

Lee’s high school football coach, Chip Filler, immediately noted a difference in his work ethic after Lee read Tebow’s book. “I’m sure there are a lot of kids impacted by this [book],” he says, “But when you put a 6-4, 230-pound frame to go along with that kind of work ethic and how he is, that is where you get the special athlete, I think.”

In recent years, Tebow continues to inspire Logan Lee. He says he admires how Tebow chooses to interact with people “in an uplifting manner instead of tearing them down,” he told La Gesse. “The fact that Tebow tries to be as positive as possible when dealing with adversity impressed him,” writes La Gesse.

Now that he’s older and going to be an upperclassman next fall, Lee also plans on using the leadership skills he read about in Tebow’s book. He wants to lead through positivity, and until now, he’s been doing that through example.

“I didn’t voice my opinion quite as much,” Lee shares. “I was the underclassmen, but now that I’m an upperclassman I’m more of a vocal leader.”

Lee re-read Tebow’s book in eighth grade and he plans to read it again before he heads to Iowa for college. He figures there’s still some wisdom that Tebow can give him. This young man has a bright future in front of him, and it might not have happened without Tim Tebow's example.