NC Governor Makes This AMAZING STATEMENT To His LGBT Bullies

April 06, 2016Apr 06, 2016

What a brave, strong leader! In the midst of corporations pulling out of his state and even other cities "banning" their employees from visiting (i.e., San Francisco), North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest is standing firm against the pressure. His recent decision to give religious liberty protection to Christians who don't want to condone same-sex marriage has the LGBT community and supporters heated. PayPal just announced they would not be coming to NC (though it's been exposed that they operate in numerous countries where gays are mistreated, like Cuba).

Here's what Gov. Forest has to say to his bullies:



Wow! Way to go! It would be easy for him to cave to the pressure (like Georgia's governor did) because jobs and economy mean a lot to a politician's likability. But Gov. Forest is putting women and children's safety above his personal ratings. We love that. Do you, too?