NBC Claims ‘Positivity’ Reigned At Women’s March; We Saw Something Very Different

January 23, 2017Jan 23, 2017

“Peace, Positivity as Massive Women’s March Makes Voices Heard in D.C.” is the headline NBC News gave for their reporting on the massive protest on Saturday, mirroring the glowing reports of other mainstream media outlets.

But three Faith Family America correspondents were on the ground, right in the midst the action, and witnessed a different side of the story.

As NBC reported, the protest was peaceful for the most part, appearing to be free from the scattered incidents of disruption and property damage that took place on Inauguration Day. One incident was not in the least peaceful, though, as marchers encountered three pro-life advocates in the middle of the parade route (Read about that here).

But much more stark was the severe lack of “positivity” among many of those shouting and holding signs, as they communicated rage and resistance over love and acceptance.

Of the positive-sounding signs, they displayed phrases like “Make America smile again,” “Make America kind again,” “Free hugs,” “Men of quality support women’s equality,” “Be focused, be hopeful, be strong,” “Practice compassion,” and “Love 4 all.”

But the majority of signs displayed more negative-sounding phrases like “Abort unwanted presidents,” “Pussy cats kill rats,” “Women are powerful and dangerous,” “Resistance is never futile,” “Voldemort wasn’t as bad,” “I’m a nasty woman,” “Nasty farmer against Trump,” “You haven’t seen nasty yet,” “Dump Trump, Groper-in-Chief,” “This is what resistance looks like,” “Nasty kids,” “Nasty women keep fighting,” “There will be hell to pay,” “F--- off,” and “Trump, don’t be a d---.”

Also prevalent was the constant barrage of F-bombs, sexual references, and other crude statements being screamed out, especially in the presence of the considerable number of children in attendance.

Meanwhile, at another part of the march, pop star Madonna dropped the F-word live on CNN, called for a rebellion, described Trump’s inauguration as “a horrific moment of darkness,” told Trump “F--- you,” and expressed a strong desire to blow up the White House.

Madonna has since insisted she was not calling for violence, according to Page Six, but the Secret Service is investigating.

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