NBA Players Share Their Scary Encounter While on a Flight to Their Away Game

October 29, 2017Oct 29, 2017

A potentially frightening situation took place for the Oklahoma City Thunder Saturday morning. The NBA team was on a chartered flight from Minneapolis to Chicago when there was an apparent collision with a bird upon landing. The nose of the plane was extremely caved in after the run-in, which spurred some of the players to share this bizarre situation with fans on social media. 

"What possibly could we have hit in the SKY at this time of night? Everyone is Safe, Though," Carmelo Anthony shared on Instagram.

Other players took to social media to share their photos of the situation. One teammate even questioned what they could have possibly hit at night that would leave such a dent.

A spokesperson for Delta Air Lines, Elizabeth Wolf, responded to the incident. She explained that the plane was most likely damaged after a collision with a bird.

Thankfully, the Boeing 757-200 landed safely without incident at the Chicago Midway International Airport, according to CBS News. Although a possibly nerve-wracking incident, the players, coaches, and staff are all reportedly safe. The Thunder won their game Saturday night against the Chicago Bulls 101-69.

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