NBA Legend Dies After Battling Colon Cancer, Fans Mourning His Loss

October 09, 2017Oct 09, 2017

One of the NBA’s most dazzling players has passed away after battling colon cancer for many years. Connie Hawkins was 75 at the time of his death.

“His death was announced Saturday by the Phoenix Suns, the team with which he spent his most productive NBA seasons in a career delayed for years by a point-shaving scandal that led to the league blackballing him, even though he was never directly linked to any wrongdoing,” according to ESPN.

"We lost a legend," said Jerry Colangelo, the Suns general manager when Hawkins played and later the owner of the franchise, "a player I had a very deep affection for who kind of put us on the map."

The Suns reached out to announce his death. Hawkins still lived in the Phoenix area and had been battling cancer. He was said to be in a frail state.

"'The Hawk' revolutionized the game and remains to this day an icon of the sport and one of basketball's great innovators," the Suns said in a statement. "His unique combination of size, grace and athleticism was well ahead of its time and his signature style of play is now a hallmark of the modern game."

Fellow players and fans reached out on social media to express their condolences upon learning of his death. Some even credited him with transforming the game and paving the way for future stars of the sport.

What do you think about this? Were you a fan? Please join us in praying for his family and friends during this difficult time. Also, be sure to read our breaking news story about the famous entertainer who just died of a massive heart attack while in Las Vegas. He was only 45 years old.

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