Even NASA is Confused About Mysterious 'Boom' That Just Rocked Alabama

November 15, 2017Nov 15, 2017

On Tuesday afternoon, a strange phenomenon took place across Alabama. According to News Week, many residents in the eastern part of the state called 911 after they felt and heard what was assumed to be an explosion.

Oddly, there was no actual explosion. The county officials, geologists, and even NASA are confused about the incident. When it first occurred and some of the counties received multiple 911 calls, one of them tweeted about the situation. 

They said, "Has anyone heard a loud explosion in west Blount County? e've received several calls between Spunky Hollow Rd and Cannons Crossing. Law Enforcement is currently patrolling the area."

Multiple residents posted about their experiences on social media. 




The National Weather Service thought that the sound could have come from an aircraft sonic boom or a meteorite. They said that they did not see anything indicating a large fire or an earthquake.  

However, NASA's Bill Cooke shut down the idea that it was from a meteorite. He said that it would be more likely from a ground explosion or a bolide, large supersonic aircraft. 

He said, "Seismic data from the U.S. Geological Survey's Lakeview Retreat near Centreville, Alabama, show a fairly loud boom occurring on or before 1:39 p.m. CST. (NOTE... our Skywatcher in Heflin, Steve Jones, who can also measure seismic activity, showed the event at 1:49p CT). The Elginfield Infrasound Array located in southern Ontario, 600 miles from north Alabama, picked up a matching infrasound signal beginning at 2:02 p.m. and lasting around ten minutes. The signal could have been generated by a bolide, large supersonic aircraft or a ground explosion."

Below is footage where you can hear the loud sound:

Though no one has been able to figure out why or how this boom happened, NASA's meteor scientists have reportedly said that they will continue to analyze data to try to understand it. 

What do you think it could have been? Let us know your theory on Facebook. In other news, a Hollywood actress just turned herself in after a felony charge for drug possession.

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