Naomie, Whitney Hooked Up More Times

There’s more where that came from! Craig ConoverHinted that Naomie OlindoAnd Whitney Sudler-Smith’s hookup was not a one-time occurrence.

“It wasn’t a short-lived thing,” the Southern CharmExclusively told by star, 33 Us Weeklyon Monday, August 22nd while promoting season 8. “I definitely know that.”

The Sewing Down South founder teased, “They definitely filmed a lot more than what you’ve seen so far. So, I’m kind of excited with everyone else to see, you know, Whitney dating someone.”

Naomie, 29, was revealed during the Thursday August 18 episode Southern Charm that sheAnd Whitney, 54, made out after the group’s puppy nuptials for Peaches and Little Craig.

Southern Charm’s Craig Conover Teases Naomie Olindo and Whitney Sudler-Smith’s Hook Up Wasn’t a One-Time Thing
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“Speaking of the dog wedding, I didn’t tell you, but right after, I did kiss Whitney,” the France native confessed to her costars Leva Bonaparte and Austen Kroll. “It was fun. … He spent the night here.”

Leva, 43, was shocked by the omission, saying, “You were, like, spooning with Whitney and you didn’t f—king tell me?”

The pair’s chemistry became even more apparent during the crew’s trip to Yemassee, South Carolina, which is when Craig learned about the fling. “That stinks. [To] go from me to Whitney,” he told Austen, 35, after hearing about the hookup. “It’s just not that fun.”

The Delaware native — who dated Naomie for three years before their 2017 split and hooked up with her again in the summer of 2021 — told UseMonday was his first day off.

“I remember laughing so hard. And being told that I needed to get serious,” Craig explained to Use. “I thought it was gonna be great TV and … I couldn’t wait for it to, like, come out. [It] was a good secret that everyone kept.”

The “Pillows and Beer” podcast cohost, however, noted that his reaction during the group’s trip was somewhat misleading. While he did say he was “disappointed” that Whitney broke the “bro-code” by hooking up with his ex-girlfriend, he told Use he was responding to “how absurd the situation seemed” at the time.

“There’s a few factors there that make it absurd,” he revealed on Monday, pointing out, “I’m not entitled to an opinion about either of them or what they do. When one of my friends marries someone, they move into, say, the family member columns for me. But it’s been a long time.”

The law school graduate added that Naomie moving on with Whitney “wasn’t really the issue.” It was the legitimacy of their hookup that threw him for a loop.

“I think I was shocked to find out it was real. There was a lot of talk before it, and I was just, like, ‘This is so bizarre,’” Craig continued. “I think that’s fair to say. I think it’s OK for me to think it’s wild, just like everyone else.”

The Pillow TalkThe author for his part continued to work Paige DeSorboIn late 2021. Their romance was featured in season 6 of Summer HouseSeason 8 of Southern CharmThis will continue into season 2 Winter House.

“It’s funny to watch our relationships progress,” Craig told Use, noting that this season of the Charleston-based series “was the very beginning” of their romance.

Southern CharmBravo Thursdays at 9:59 p.m. ET.

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