Nail Salon Beatdown Video: Two Sisters Use Wooden Chairs to Fight Attacking Man

February 06, 2018Feb 06, 2018

Police are describing it as a “senseless act of violence.” For two sisters getting their nails done together at a salon, it was a nightmare scenario. But they chose not to panic or allow themselves to become defenseless victims.

According to KTLA, Melda and Virginia Martinez Bojorquez were going to get pedicures and manicures as part of a birthday celebration at a Los Angeles nail salon last Wednesday when 25-year-old Gustavo Aranda reportedly followed them into the business.

The female salon owner ran for help as Aranda began pummeling one of the sisters with his fists. Surveillance footage shows one of the women holding the man by his legs, protecting her head as he punches her repeatedly in the back.

That’s when the other sister, who had already been punched several times, came at the attacker with a wooden chair. Her initial swing at his head didn’t fully connect as she got knocked backward, but she was back on her feet within seconds.

As one sister refused to let go of Aranda’s legs until she sent him falling back against the wall, the other sister came at him with the chair swinging. She then threw it at him as he fled the counter-attack.

A moment later, though, Aranda returned with the thrown chair held like a weapon, but the two sisters beat him over the head with the pieces of two other chairs. They had him backed into a corner when the salon owner returned with help.

For six minutes, the women had fought Aranda, and Los Angeles Police Department Cpt. Lillian Carranza said they "fought for their life and did everything humanly possible to protect each other."

"There was no time to be scared," said one of the sisters in Spanish.

Take a look at the video footage below:

Rene Javier Solis, who was one of the men who ran into the salon to help, said Aranda was ready to give up by the time he got there and muttered something that sounded like “just kill me now.”

Solis recounted, "They were battling each other with chairs. I saw how badly wounded he was. ... I just looked over to them and I was like, 'Wow, I'm impressed.'"

It was Aranda’s fourth suspected attack within 24 hours. Sgt. Carranza had been looking for him after it was reported that he had first attacked a man and stole his car, then later attacked another man who was “just walking the street” without provocation. He also attacked a moving vehicle by throwing himself bodily against the side of it.

Aranda has been arrested, and the two sisters are being hailed as heroes. In other news, a legend passed away last week, but now we’re getting some disturbing reports about his final days.

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