NAACP Warns Minorities Against Going to One Particular U.S. State

August 03, 2017Aug 03, 2017

Having shifted its focus over the years to becoming increasingly leftist, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has issued a first-of-its-kind warning to America, according to CNN. They’re warning minorities against traveling to an entire state.

Although their warning was first issued in June, it gained nationwide attention after it was announced at the NAACP convention last week. Which state is the warning about? Missouri.

“The advisory means each individual should pay special attention while in the state of Missouri and certainly if contemplating spending time in Missouri. Unlike seasonal weather advisories, where no unnecessary travel on city streets or parking might be directed, the NAACP wants to make Missourians and our visitors aware of looming danger…” the Missouri chapter of the NAACP warned.

“Individuals traveling in the state are advised to travel with extreme CAUTION,” they added, also urging people to warn any organizations planning to visit the state.

The NAACP cited incidents of violence against minorities as the reason for the warning and also made mention of discrimination against people practicing homosexual lifestyles. But the main reason for the advisory appeared to be Republican state senator Gary Romine’s Senate Bill 43, which was signed by the governor at the end of June.

The wording of the bill appears to change anti-discrimination laws between employers and employees in Missouri to require that employees prove they were discriminated against based on their ethnicity or gender. It also puts in place a more stringent process for filing a discrimination complaint.

Gov. Eric Greitens says the bill only made Missouri’s anti-discrimination law match other state’s laws, but the NAACP has been calling it a Jim Crow-era bill. Jim Crow laws were enacted in the late 19th century by Democrats in Southern states in order to ensure racial segregation.

The passage of the SB 43 has generated controversy in the state.

What do you think of this? Meanwhile, the University of Missouri has seen massive changes on their campus since the huge racial protests of late 2015.

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