Mystery: North Korean Ghost Ships Wash Up On the Shore of Japan and You Will Not Believe What’s Inside

May 03, 2017May 03, 2017

Dozens of ghost ships from North Korea have been washing up on the shore of Japan.

These ‘ghost ships’ are filled with the rotting corpses of its North Korean crew.

The phenomenon prompted an investigation by the Japanese authorities. Officials conducted autopsies on the bodies of those found on the vessels. They found that many of the corpses had been dead for months, according to the LA Times. 


The fragile fishing boats have been drifting across the sea of Japan for a couple of years. The decomposed crew is almost impossible to determine a cause of death.

The ships are in terrible conditions and decay, the vessels still have scraps of the North Korean flag. Faded writing on the main body of a ship identifying the ships as belonging to the ‘Korean People’s Army’, along with the remnants of the flags.

Here is a couple theories about these ghost ships:

The first theory emerged claiming the men were hopeless defectors who took their chances in flimsy boats on the ocean to escape Kim Jong-un’s brutal regime.

North Korean Citizens risk their lives every year to flee the tyrannical state, which doesn’t allow it’s people to leave.
The second theory is that the crew of the fishing boats are just poor fisherman sent out to bring in the daily catch but who got lost or ran into trouble.

Kim Jong-un is speculated to have been putting pressure on the country’s fishing industry to increase production, causing fishermen to sail out even further.

The boats don’t have GPS equipment, according to the Japan Times – were ill-equipped for the rough conditions on the open ocean. 
“When Kim Jong-un issues an order no one can ignore it, even if he is asking them to do the impossible. Jiro Ishimaru of Asia Press, told the Guardian. 

“That means inexperienced soldiers go out to sea, even in terrible conditions and with no idea what they are doing.”

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