My Family Loves Taylor Hale ‘So Much’


Get back to his roots. Big BrotherAlum Joseph AbdinAfter spending several weeks with the winner of the season, he finally returned home to Florida. Taylor Hale, after September’s finale.

“I actually came back home and surprised my dad. He thought I was coming 2 days later than he. [when] I initially showed up,” Joseph, 25, exclusively told Us WeeklyFriday, October 14th. He revealed that his father was “mad at him” when he arrived.

“My dad was not the happiest considering I’ve been out of the house for two weeks and I didn’t come straight home to see everyone,” the attorney explained with a laugh. “I thought maybe I’d surprise him and that would negate the fact that he’s upset with me. It helped a bit. I still got my lecture, so there is a video that I will be posting.”

Joseph told Use that he was enjoying being back in Florida, where his house is “always filled with Arabic music, with people coming and going.” In addition to having some “heartwarming” experiences with fans at the airport himself, he was happy to learn that he wasn’t the only one connecting with Big Brother viewers. “My friends and siblings have told me that they themselves have received so much love and support,” he said.

Joseph Taylor Big Brother

Joseph with his family.
Joseph Abdin

After sparking showmance rumors, Taylor, 27, and the Florida native have been slowing down their relationship since Taylor placed ninth on CBS’ reality series. Big Brother house. “We plan to meet up very, very soon, which is why we’re both agreeing to, you know, try and live in the moment, prioritize our families for a little bit, since we’re both gonna see each other again in a couple of days,” Joseph said of the former Miss Michigan.

He spent time with his family as well as visiting his local gym. “It felt like a fever dream that I was gone for four months because the last thing I did going into Big BrotherI went to the gym and then flew home. So just walking in four months later, there’s new equipment, things have changed,” he said.

Joseph Taylor Big Brother
Joseph Abdin

During a workout, CBS personality had a serendipitous encounter with the winner Big Brother 23, Xavier Prather, when they posted about exercising “at the exact [same] time and picked the same exact song to play for our workout.” Joseph told Us that Xavier, 28, responded by sending him the “did we just become best friends?” meme from the movie Stepbrothers.

The reality TV alum still enjoys the high of his highs Big Brother experience, Joseph says he hasn’t talked much about the show with his family. He’s instead focusing on “laughing and catching up with familial information.” However, his family is always happy to hear about Taylor.

“My family loves her so much,” Joseph told UsThe season 24 champion. “They ask me a lot about her and make sure she’s doing well and they’re very protective and loving of her which warns my heart.”

Although he and the personal stylist have yet to put a label on their relationship, they’re enjoying strengthening their bond outside the Big Brother house.

“We’re having fun,” Taylor told UseDuring a joint interview with Joseph last year. “We’re making sure we’re taking care of ourselves, but yeah, I’m not gonna let go of Joseph anytime soon.”

Sharon Tharp reports.