Muslim Man Claims He Warned New York Mayor About Terrorist Attacks, Nothing was Done

November 01, 2017Nov 01, 2017

On Tuesday, October 31st, eight people were tragically killed and at least a dozen others were injured in a New York City terrorist attack. The 29-year-old suspect plowed through a crowd of pedestrians with a Home Depot truck and shouted “Allahu akbar” when storming out of the vehicle.

As reported earlier, the suspect has been linked to ISIS. According to the Washington Post, he had been planning the attack for weeks in the name of the Islamic State.

The threats our country (and others) face from radically extreme terrorist organizations is a huge, ongoing problem. Politicians and leaders have been divided for years on how to handle these unexpected incidents.

One Muslim man who goes by the name of “Imam Tawhidi” of Australia is dedicated to the “promotion of the harmonious elements within Islam” and condemning Islamist extremism, according to Spectator. He is an iconic public figure in Australia and has made several media appearances in the United States, including his contributions to the Huffington Post.

Known for his more conservative views, the man has also stirred a lot of controversy with his recent remarks regarding terrorism. Last year, he reportedly wrote a letter to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, warning him about the “breeding” of terrorism in New York City. The Muslim figure claims de Blasio did nothing about it, and insisted that he be removed from office for his lack of effort in stopping terrorism.

In one tweet he referred back to the terrorist attack that occurred in London earlier this year, taking a shot at both political leaders. He stated, "De Blasio griefs about London and you grief about NYC. How about you both swap positions since you don't really care about your own people?"

Tawhidi stated that he will release the letter he sent to de Blasio soon. As of early Wednesday afternoon, it has not yet been released. If he does so, this article will be updated accordingly, as soon as possible.

What do you think about Imam Tawhidi’s remarks against terrorism? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments. In related news, five friends who were celebrating their 30th high school reunion were tragically killed in the recent terror attack. Please join us in prayer for the victims and their families. Thank you!

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