Large Religious Group Openly Working With Government Officials To Ban Franklin Graham in Major Country

September 14, 2018Sep 14, 2018

The Muslim Council of Britain, the leading Muslim organization in the UK, is actively working to ban Christian evangelist Franklin Graham from preaching the gospel in the UK.

The MCB is demanding that the Home Office deny Franklin a visa to enter the country because of his religious beliefs. According to the Guardian, the MCB believes that Franklin Graham has a history of making homophobic and Islamophobic remarks.

"In the past the government has banned individuals whom they claim are ‘not conducive to the public good," The MCB said. "Mr Graham’s remarks are on record and clearly demonstrate a hatred for Muslims and other minorities. We would expect the government to apply its criteria here. If it does not, it will send a clear message that it is not consistent in challenging all forms of bigotry.”

Joining in the targeting of Franklin Graham are several high ranking politicians including Gordon Marsden, the Labour MP for Blackpool South, Paul Maynard, MP for Blackpool North and Afzal Khan, Labour MP for Manchester Gorton.

“It’s perfectly possible for the government not to admit someone whose presence is not conducive to the public good,” Marsden said. “Graham’s visit to Blackpool is likely to cause considerable offence.”

The push to ban Franklin Graham comes ahead of the Festival of Hope on September 21st at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool where Franklin is scheduled to be the main speaker and spread the gospel to thousands of people who are so desperately seeking the Lord.

In July, Franklin was the target of a ban relating to advertisements for the event. Anti-Christian activists caught wind of the advertisements and complained to Blackpool Transport. According to Premier, the bus line caved to the hate mob and banned the Franklin Graham ads from running on their busses.

Franklin Graham issued a strong response to the banning of his advertisements:

"I'm sorry that some see hope as offensive, but I can assure you that tens of thousands of people in Blackpool and across the United Kingdom are searching for hope. Sex, drugs, money, even religion—none of these are the answer. I’m coming to share with everyone in Blackpool, Lancashire, and across North West England that there is One who can give you hope. Hope for today, hope for tomorrow, and hope for eternity. His name is Jesus Christ! Will you pray with me for this event in September and for God to work in a mighty way to transform hearts and lives across this region?"

Franklin Graham has yet to issue a response to the most recent attacks against him by the MCB and UK government officials. Please keep Franklin in your prayers and pray to change the hearts of those who seek to silence him.

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