Muslim ACLU Leader Refuses To Condemn Radical Islamic Terrorism, Hints At Racism

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January 03, 2016Jan 03, 2016

No political or public figure has come out after the radical Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino and said that all Muslims are terrorists.  No one has said that because it is an obvious statement.  Temporary bans on refugees from countries that harbor terrorists have been proposed and swiftly ridiculed by liberals as “racist” in spite of the glaring fact that Muslim is not a race, it is a religion and set of ideals.

Despite the cool heads approach towards the very real threat of radical Islamic terrorism that the world faces today, certain groups have tried to spin the terrorist attacks away from reality and paint a narrative of racism, bigotry, and victimization towards Muslims.

After the San Bernardino attacks, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) didn’t call out the radical Islamic terrorists for what they were, instead they said that America is partly to blame for the attacks.

Rana Elmir, Deputy Director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in Michigan recently wrote an op-ed piece in the Washington Post saying that as an American Muslim, she refuses to condemn any radical Islamic terrorist attack.  “As an American Muslim, I am consistently and aggressively asked by media figures, religious leaders, politicians, and internet trolls to condemn terrorism to prove my patriotism.  I emphatically refuse,” Elmir wrote

While trying to distance herself, she turned her argument into a racist rant.  “Make no mistake, the terror imposed by those who sympathize with Daesh (ISIS), al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, al-Shabab and other groups is just as foreign to me as the terror advanced by mostly white men at the alarming rate of one mass killing every two weeks in this country.”

Elmir says that just because she has not been asked to condemn other horrific attacks, “I will not be bullied into condemning terror perpetrated by psychopaths who misrepresent and distort Islam for their deranged purposes.”

One can understand that faithful and peaceful Muslims are offended by the perverse interpretation of Islam that radical terrorist groups act in the name of.  Unfortunately for Elmir, she chose a career in the public spotlight.  As a person committed to defending people’s civil liberties and also a practicing Muslim, she is almost expected to comment on situations such as these when they arise.  That is the perfect opportunity for her to denounce those who pervert and kill in the name of Islam, and set the record straight about what Muslims really believe.

If a Christian were to commit acts of terror in the name of Christ, one would expect the media figures, politicians, and internet trolls to descend upon Christian leaders for comments.  It works both ways. 

In fact, it is very easy to condemn terrorist attacks.  Say it with me, “I condemn all attacks of terror.  I condemn all mass shootings.  I condemn all those who pervert their religion to suit their nefarious purposes.”  That wasn’t so hard. 

Instead of playing the victim, Elmir should embrace the opportunity to set the record straight.