Musician Robbed, Shot on Way to Show, Underwent 3 Surgeries in Critical Condition

October 08, 2018Oct 08, 2018

On Friday night, musician Aaron “Hix” Lee was scheduled to perform with his band, Red Daughters. The musician was with his girlfriend, Katie Szczepaniak, on their way to his show when a terrible accident took place.

According to reports, the couple was walking in Northeast Minneapolis on a busy street when a stranger jumped out of a car near them. The stranger approached the couple from behind and seemed like a “loose cannon.”

The stranger asked the couple for their wallets and then shot Aaron Lee in his abdomen.

Katie said, “The guy turned around and just shot him.”

Following the incident, Lee had to undergo three surgeries. Thankfully, it appears that he will survive. As of Monday morning, the bullet was still lodged in Lee’s thigh where it had stopped.

Over the weekend, police had been investigating the situation. As of Monday afternoon, no one had been arrested yet.

Katie said that the entire incident was a blur. She said that she only remembered a few words that the man said when he jumped near them.

She said, "The only words I remember him saying were, 'Give me your phones and your wallets.'"

Following the shooting, Katie remembers screaming, "My boyfriend's been shot!" while desperately waiting for help. 

Thankfully, Aaron Lee is expected to make a recovery and Katie said that her community has been extremely helpful during this time. Please be praying for Lee's recovery. In other recent news, one is dead and one injured after a gunman opened fire in a bar in France. Please keep that situation in your prayers.