Music Industry Giant's Scary Cause of Death Revealed 3 Months After Passing

March 17, 2018Mar 17, 2018

On December 22, music industry professional Jordan Feldstein passed away. Feldstein was the brother of actor Jonah Hill and a longtime music talent manager.

Throughout his career, Feldstein worked with several big-name artists. He was the CEO and co-founder of Career Artist Management.

His biggest claim to fame in his career was the work that he did with the world famous band, Maroon 5. He began working with them 15 years ago at their inception and has helped them sell over 20 million records worldwide and receive 3 Grammy awards.

Other artists that Feldstein worked with include Sara Bareilles, Miguel, Elle King, Big Boi, Rick Springfield, and Robin Thicke.

Sadly, his family announced in December that Jordan Feldstein had passed away. Initial reports said that he had a heart attack.

The family said, “Unfortunately, last night Jordan called 911 for shortness of breath, when paramedics arrived it was determined he went into full cardiac arrest and passed away shortly thereafter.”

Now, almost three months after his death, Jordan’s official cause of death has been revealed. The music manager reportedly died from blood clots that originated in his legs. Officially, he died from “pulmonary thromboembolism and deep leg vein thrombosis.”

Along with the blood clots, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner also listed “acute bronchopneumonia and obesity” as causes of death. Ultimately, the examiner attributed Jordan's death to the mixture of blood clots, pneumonia, and obesity. A full toxicology report has not yet been made available.

Please continue praying for Jordan’s family, especially as they found out the nature of his untimely death. Share your prayers here! In other recent news, ex-FBI director James Comey just fired back at Trump and tensions are rising.

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