Music Icon Got Drunk, Tied Himself Up and Jumped In A Pool to Commit Suicide

December 06, 2017Dec 06, 2017

Fans of Chester Bennington were extremely heartbroken when he committed suicide recently. The famous Linking Park singer finally took his life after battling depression and using drugs.

However, a new autopsy report is shedding some light on his past behaviors. According to the report, Bennington actually tried committing suicide roughly 9 months before he actually did.

"Sources familiar with the investigation tell TMZ, Chester's widow, Talinda, told the Coroner's investigator that Chester consumed a large quantity of alcohol, hog-tied himself and threw himself in the pool in November 2016, but had a change of heart and was able to break free from the restraint and climb to safety," according to TMZ.

His wife also detailed that Bennington would have suicidal tendencies after consuming alcohol. She had also previously called the police in 2006 after Bennington got extremely drunk, threatened suicide, and then left the house with a gun. The autopsy report that was just released tells a similar story.

"The late Linkin Park singer, who died by suicide at age 41 in July to the mourning of fans and music lovers everywhere, was found to have had alcohol in his system when he took his own life, according to the autopsy report obtained by ET. In the report, a first blood test also found possible traces of MDMA (ecstasy) in Bennington's system, however, two subsequent tests came back negative."

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