Multiple Teachers Fired For VERY Disturbing Reason

April 28, 2017Apr 28, 2017

(note: children above are not the discussed victims)

Jenny Price, a pre-k special needs teacher in Tennessee for nearly 10 years, was arrested and suspended without pay April of 2017 after assault-related allegations were made against her.

Authorities believe Price bit a 3-year-old special needs boy after a bruise was found on his arm. According to Times Free Press, a teacher’s aide reported that she saw the incident.

“[She] saw Price lean toward the boy, who can't speak, and the youngster "made a noise." Price allegedly told the other aide that the boy got twisted in his wheelchair and hit his head.”

She is facing assault on a minor charges.

Sadly, this is not the first incident that has been reported of teachers biting special needs children recently.

Kristin Barnett from Texas was arrested April of 2017 after biting a 4-year-old autistic boy on the cheek.

Karen Williams from Florida was charged earlier this year with ‘misdemeanor for culpable negligence that inflicts injury’ after biting an 8-year-old special needs child on the back in 2015.

These stories are truly heartbreaking and as a result, raise major concerns for parents with special needs children attending school.

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