MTV Host Makes Racist Attack Against Session’s Asian Granddaughter: “Return Her To Toys ‘R’ Us”

January 10, 2017Jan 10, 2017

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions appeared on Capitol Hill on Tuesday for his confirmation hearing. Joining him at the hearing was wife, daughter, son-in-law and his four of his granddaughters.

During the opening statements, Sessions held one of his adorable granddaughters on his lap.


In typical leftist fashion, MTV Host and self-proclaimed “culture writer” Ira Madison III took the opportunity to turn the beautiful family moment of Sessions and his granddaughter into a disgusting display of racism and hatred.

IraMTV-Tweet.jpgThe left has tried hard over the past few months to portray Sessions as a rabid racist, but now the truth has been revealed as they have stooped so low as to attack an innocent little girl.