MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Makes SHOCKING Admission About Mainstream Media

December 01, 2016Dec 01, 2016


MSNBC anchor Andrew Mitchell just made a shocking admission about the mainstream media, and it has some wondering if she actually realized what she was saying.

According to MRC's NewsBusters, Mitchell got into a contentious conversation Wednesday with a former Clinton cabinet official who was scolding the mainstream media for going crazy over everything President-Elect Donald Trump tweets.

"Why," William Cohen asked, "when a story comes out with a tweet which intuitively you know is not of significance, and yet, you spend an entire day analyzing it? So I think the media has a responsibility to take tweets that are serious seriously and those that are irrelevant, don't spend time chasing it."

Andrea whined, "Why is it our job and how can we assess what does he mean seriously on Twitter and what does he not mean? He's using social media — there are no news conferences, we have no access to him. If this is the only way he's communicating with the public, when he talks about flag burning or ISIS, we have to take that seriously. He now is in a different position. He's not a candidate."

Then Cohen dropped a bombshell, stating, "The problem is that the media has become — the traditional media has become almost irrelevant, because he has — he is going directly —"

"Agree with you on that," Andrea interrupted.

"There's no filter," Cohen complained.

Did she just agree that traditional media has become irrelevant to the American public? Is it, perhaps, because the American public prefers to get news directly from the source as opposed to have it "filtered" by the liberal mainstream media?

What do you think?