MSNBC Host Offended By GOP Candidate’s Description Of ISIS

December 16, 2015Dec 16, 2015

What a world that we live in where ISIS can behead and crucify Christians, rape women, murder disabled children, and throw people off of buildings and the liberal media will somehow find a way to blame the Republican party.

Hardball host, Chris Matthews, showed his softball side when he took offense to Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie calling ISIS “animals.” 

“I mean, animals?” Matthews said with a pout, “Call them what they are… bad people.  But what’s this animal thing?”

Let me explain it to Matthews and the other liberal hosts who downplay ISIS’s crimes.  “Bad people” are normal people who park in handicapped spots.  “Bad people” are people who take money out of charity donation bins.  “Animals” are people who rape, murder, and torture other people.