MSNBC Host Goes Off The Reservation, SLAMS Democrats For Bashing FBI Director

November 01, 2016Nov 01, 2016

Mika Brzezinksi, who co-hosts MSNBC's "Morning Joe" with Joe Scarborough, has really been going off the liberal mainstream media reservation lately. Over the weekend, she trashed the "sleazy" Clinton Foundation and apologized to Republicans for bashing their support of Trump when Democrats themselves have nominated someone under criminal investigation.

Now today, she again admitted she's pulling for Democrats while simultaneously taking them to task for the way they've been acting.

Addressing Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Mika said, "I'm scared you're going to bite my head off, but you know what, if you do, that's great. I want you to be right here. But you're a former prosecutor and you said that [FBI Director James] Comey should not have opened his mouth [about the newly discovered e-mails], and a lot of people are saying that. And that he broke every protocol. That he went off the reservation."

"The only," she said, making a painful sound as she grimaced, "thing that that makes me think, is that you're actually reinforcing the premise that there's something there."

"No," McCaskill began to reply.

"Because," Mika cut her off, "this is a man of great integrity, according to everybody who works for Hillary Clinton on down. He's not partisan. Looks at his role in the [Attorney General John] Ashcroft story years ago. And yet he broke protocol. So doesn't it lead you to believe that maybe there's a problem?"

Mika's comments sounded a lot like Rush Limbaugh's today when he made the point that Hillary made things far worse for herself by bashing Comey and proving that she's afraid he's got some major dirt on her.

What do you think of this?