MSNBC Host Apologizes For Vulgar Off-Air Tirade

September 21, 2017Sep 21, 2017

MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell apologized on Wednesday for a curse-filled, vulgar rant that was caught on tape. The host was not on the air, but cameras were rolling as he went on an insane rant during one of the breaks on August 29. Apparently, O'Donnell was angry about an earpiece malfunction that permitted unwanted noise to enter his ears.

As a family-friendly website, we at Faith, Family, America will not transcribe the words uttered by O'Donnell. Nevertheless, the host yelled at producers to contact the president of MSNBC, or somebody else, to immediately put an end to the earpiece malfunction. The rant made headlines because it went beyond the realm of demanding high standards from his crew and into the realm of arrogance and cruelty towards those underneath him. For more details, you can go to the New York Post. 

Apparently, the noise coming through the earpiece sounded like a hammer. O'Donnell demanded that his crew make the hammering end. 

“Stop the hammering!” he screamed. “Stop the hammering out there! Who’s got the hammer?”

The host also complained that he was hearing random voices coming in through his ear. Chaos, he said, was ensuing in the control room, and it needed to end. The producers of script and video, too, were not meeting the host's standards. With hands shaking and his jaw tightly clenched, and with a look of rage on his face, O'Donnell reprimanded those around him and demanded the control room fix the technical errors.

"There's insanity in the control room tonight," O'Donnell said according to the LA Times, later adding through clenched teeth: "You have insanity in my earpiece ... It's not my earpiece, it's somebody talking on our lines."

After the vulgar rant went public, the host said he was at fault and tweeted, “A better anchorman and a better person would’ve had a better reaction to technical difficulties. I’m sorry.”

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