Moving Her Mom Into Home She Shares With Ben Affleck For ‘More Stability’ After Recent Stresses

Jennifer Lopez Ben AffleckAlthough she seems to be doing well, is her mother going the extra mile to make things better? According to one report Guadalupe Rodríguez is moving into her daughter’s house, and it’s leaving Affleck feeling rather unhappy. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘J.Lo Moves Mom In To Tame The Chaos’

Affleck was criticized by Howard Stern last month for allegedly shaming Jennifer Garner. Affleck said that Garner was the cause of his alcoholism, but he later apologised. According to the National EnquirerLopez was moved by the incident and invited her mother to her home. 

Rodríguez is a frequent guest at Lopez’s LA estate, but she’s now preparing to move in permanently. “J. Lo and Ben are not exactly in the Martha Stewart category when it comes to homemaking,” an insider says. “They just put too much effort into their professional lives to be big on cooking, cleaning, and throwing parties.” 

Luckily, those are all Rodríguez’s skills. A source concludes, “She adores Ben and wants to be there for both of them as a confidante and sensible guiding force.”

What’s Going On With Ben Affleck And J.Lo?

The EnquireIt is desperate for drama. It’s combining two completely unrelated incidents, Ben Affleck’s uncouth comments and Rodríguez’s living arrangements, into one strange story. The article’s crux shifts halfway through. Is Rodríguez moving in “to tame the chaos” as the title says? Or is she going to become a housekeeper with her skills in “cooking, cleaning and throwing parties”?

It’s rather insulting to think Jennifer Lopez would task her mother with cooking and cleaning her mansion. She’s got Wedding PlannerRodriguez has the money to afford a solid staff. For what it’s worth, Rodríguez is reportedly a fan of Affleck’s. They went gambling together in Las Vegas last year, and she’s loved him for years.

There’s no indication Rodríguez is moving into her daughter’s home. There’s been no press release or even mention of the situation, so there’s no reason to believe this is even happening. Affleck is a mature, capable man who can correct his own mistakes, as his public statements show. apology to Garner. These are two non-stories that have been merged together.

Other Rumors About ‘Gigli’ Lovebirds

This tabloid loves to infantilize Ben Affleck. It was reported that Jennifer Lopez forced Ben Affleck to do a strict workout routine in August. People once named Affleck Sexiest Man Alive, so he’s perfectly capable of creating his own gym schedule. Gossip CopAlso, the story about Lopez telling Affleck that he wanted to quit smoking was also revealed. 

There was another! Enquire story about Lopez wanting to change Affleck’s habits. These stories are endless and absurd. Again: He’s an adult who can make his own decisions. Lopez wouldn’t be dating him if she felt she had to move her mother into her home to either cook or give him guidance. 

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