Motorcycle Club Is Doing Something AMAZING To Help Children

March 28, 2017Mar 28, 2017

A motorcycle club called Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.) is an amazing organization to help children who have experienced mental and physical abuse. 

B.A.C.A. works with state and local officials to "create a safer environment for abused children." The club provides support and empowerment to the victims in efforts to help them heal from traumatic events in their lives.

"We want to empower these children not to feel afraid of the world in which they live. Once children are empowered, they can start to heal. When we say that we will do anything to protect the children, whatever that means, we mean it." See the video below for full story:

After getting to know each child on their first visit, the club gives them a B.A.C.A. vest with a patch and street name on it. They also give them stickers and pictures to remember them by. 

B.A.C.A. then assigns two members to each child to check in weekly, to make sure the children are safe. Some members have even appeared in court, if needed, to show the child their support. 

The B.A.C.A. International has clubs in the US, Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Austria. 

Find out more information about B.A.C.A. here

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