Mother Waits 52 Years For This Moment

August 03, 2015Aug 03, 2015

Kathleen Neddeau was 19 years old when she gave birth to twin daughters.  Feeling the crushing burden of responsibility and being afraid of not being able to give the twins a proper upbringing, the two girls were given up for adoption.

According to this Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman article, Kathleen had pondered her decision over the years, wondering if she had made the right decision.  “Mothers make some of the most difficult and sometimes heart-wrenching decisions with their children’s best interests in mind. This is the type of decision I was charged with making when I found myself pregnant with twins at age 19”.

Kathleen had written a letter to the adoptive parents after the twins had been born.  Due to the adoption being closed, the records had all been sealed and the letter was never delivered.  Kathleen was left to wonder for the next five decades, “How would I know they had been adopted into a loving home? Would I ever know them?  I often wondered if they even survived. After all, they had been so small."

Then two weeks before Mother’s day, Kathleen received a most unexpected letter from Lori Hessin, “Lynn and I have been looking for our birth mother for a while, and today I was presented with your name and information”.

The twins (Lori & Lynn) had survived and thrived.  They were also curious to learn about their birth mother.  The twins tracked down a copy of their original birth certificate and despite it being a closed adoption, Kathleen’s name was still on the birth certificate.

On the day Kathleen finally met her two long lost daughters, there was no time for regret.  There were only tears of joy.  “They came over to my house and we sat around and cried all day and took pictures,” Kathleen said.


Kathleen’s family nearly doubled in size with the addition of her long lost twins and their children. 

This goes to show that it is never too late to reconnect with your loved ones, even if separated for 52 years.