Mother of Two Dies After Abusive Ex-Boyfriend Lights Her On Fire

June 28, 2017Jun 28, 2017


Judy Malinowski’s suffering has come to an end, but her crusade to toughen up abuse laws in her home state of Ohio is not over, reports People of the former beauty queen and mother of two. 

Two years ago, Malinowski’s ex-boyfriend, Michael Slager, doused her in gasoline and set her on fire. She survived the attack, but just barely. She had to undergo 59 surgeries, and she spent the last two years in the hospital

But her injuries only earned her ex eleven years in prison—which is the maximum penalty for the aggravated arson charge that sent him to jail. Slager claimed to love Malinowski, and he insisted it was just all of a horrible accident. However, witness accounts say they were arguing before he set her ablaze.

"It's destroyed my life, my family's life, my kids' life. Everyone around us lives. And the laws of justice are just not fair," Judy weakly told 10TV from her hospital bed.


Her story is the driving force behind a bill in Ohio that would create tougher prison sentences when an attack leaves the victim permanently disfigured or disabled. Last week, after Judy’s voice gave out, her 13-year-old daughter gave an impassioned plea for the bill on her mother’s behalf.

"Please pass my mom's law, because together, we can prevent these types of situations," she pleaded. "We can prevent this from happening to other families."

Mercifully, that bill is now one step closer to becoming Ohio law.

Before her death, Judy implored women in abusive relationships to have the courage to leave.

"I want to tell people how horrible something like this can be," Judy said. "If you're in an abusive relationship, find help. And get out completely. Run the other way. Run."

Please keep Judy’s family in your prayers as they deal with their loss and continue to push for Judy's law.