Mother Makes Horrifying Discovery: There's a Livestream of Her Daughters' Bedroom

August 22, 2017Aug 22, 2017

A Houston, Texas, mother had her "worst nightmare" come true earlier this month. A stranger contacted her to let her know that there was a live stream of her daughters' bedroom streaming online for anyone to watch. How did it happen? Someone had hacked into the nanny cam the parents placed in their two daughters' bedroom.

"We have security cameras to protect them," said the mother, Jennifer, who asked that ABC News not use her last name. "I feel like I've failed. ... People are watching my kids in their home, dressing, sleeping, playing."

Jennifer made the horrifying discovery after a friend contacted her to let her know that a woman from Oregon had posted a picture of Jennifer's daughters' bedroom on a mothers' group on Facebook. The Oregonian, Shelby Ivie, was desperately trying to find the family so she could warn them about what was going on.

"I was in tears, thinking of the violation [Jennifer] must feel," Ivie told ABC News today.

Ivie, who is herself a mother of two, said she came across the live stream while looking at satellite images of Earth online with her son. While searching for additional live feeds, she happened across an app called Live Camera Viewer. While scrolling through the app, she saw the live stream of the little girls' room.

Even more chilling: at the top of the page, it said the Houston location of the family's home. She immediately created a Facebook post, sharing it to news outlets', in comment sections, and in mom groups.

"The image was shared more than 4,000 times," says ABC.

Once she heard about the live stream, Jennifer messaged Ivie to ask to see the live stream. It had been running since July 27th or possibly even longer. It had 571 likes, which means at least 571 people had been watching her daughters.

“We have security cameras to protect them. ... I feel like I've failed," said Jennifer.

The breach probably happened when one of Jennifer's daughters used an unprotected server to play computer games with a friend online.

"When a prompt requested the name of a server, her daughter searched for one online because she didn't know the family server's name. She said her daughter was able to find an unprotected server online and used it," says ABC News.

"From what I understand, there's tons of unprotected servers out there these kids are going on, and basically people are waiting for them," added Jennifer.

Security experts told Jennifer that using an unprotected server allowed hackers to access the family's IP address and access all of the cameras in the home, which were meant to protect the children. Jennifer told ABC News that her children are no longer allowed on the internet.

"I just can't chance it again," she said.

"Nowadays, everyone wants to play with people they don't know," Jennifer said. "You don't know who these people are. You also don't know if these servers are protected. ... Always watch to see what your kids are doing."

After the crazy event, Jennifer and Ivie have become friends.

"She pretty much has kind of saved our lives, kind of silly as that sounds," Jennifer said. "She's protected us."

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