Mother Gives Birth To Extremely Rare Triplets

October 26, 2015Oct 26, 2015

Tom Hewitt was joking when he asked “if there was more than one baby in there” after the ultrasound technician got unusually quiet when performing a first ultrasound on Tom's wife Kristen.

But according to ABC News, not only did they discover that Kristen was pregnant with triplets but with extremely rare identical triplets.

Identical twins are not too rare, but for a single fertilized egg to split three times without any fertility treatments could be a one in two million occurrence. Multiple births also a greater risk of complications, and a week and a half before going into labor, Kristen was diagnosed with the high blood pressure condition of preeclampsia.

But despite the odds, Thomas, Oliver, and Finnegan entered the world in "excellent condition" with a home birth earlier this month.