'Most Powerful Atlantic Hurricane in History' Irma Makes First, Harsh Landfall

September 06, 2017Sep 06, 2017

Early Wednesday morning, Hurricane Irma made its first landfall. The storm maintained Category 5 strength as it crashed over the northeastern edge of the Caribbean.

Caribbean residents were forced to find shelter as they were hit with 185 mph winds, 11-foot waves, and power outages. Officials in the area told residents to seek protection and closed their statement with: “May God protect us all.”

The storm is expected to continue on a west-northwest path over the course of the next several days. It will likely move toward Puerto Rico Wednesday afternoon and continue on to the Dominican Republic and Haiti on Thursday.


Irma is now being considered the strongest storm ever recorded in Atlantic history. The National Hurricane has advised that all emergency and evacuation preparations take place immediately.

They said, “Irma is a potentially catastrophic category 5 hurricane and will bring life-threatening wind, storm surge, and rainfall hazards.”

Irma’s sustained winds are projected to remain above 180mph for the next 12 hours as it heads toward other islands. According to the National Weather Service, the chances that Irma will make a direct impact on Florida “continues to increase.”


Certain Florida residents have already been issued a mandatory evacuation, and the hurricane is so strong that it is showing up on earthquake devices. We will continue to update as we learn more information.

Please pray for all residents in the path of Hurricane Irma. Let us know your thoughts and prayers on Facebook. Just yesterday, President Trump declared a "pre-landfall" state of emergency for the storm.

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