Most Notable Trump VICTORY Front Pages Today

November 09, 2016Nov 09, 2016

It's always interesting to see how printed media handles the world's biggest news on deadline as they're rushing to get their headlines into the racks on the streets. With big portion of American, and parts of the world, waking up to the news of President-Elect Donald J. Trump today, here are 5 of the most notable victory front pages we've seen.

1. NEW YORK POST — Often punny and unfettered, the Post surprised us with a particularly classy cover.


2. CHICAGO SUN TIMES — Clever, right to the point, and visible from three blocks away.


3. THE BIRMINGHAM NEWS — Clean and classy, this portrait choice truly brings out the businessman-turned-president persona. And it's like he's clapping for America.


4. THE OREGONIAN — The Birmingham News turned minimalist. And the spotlight on Trump, the darkened background, and the dust motes floating about evoke a boxer in the ring.


5. NEWCASTLE HERALD — The tone of many newspapers around the world at the word of Trump's victory was panicked at best. This one from Australia's Newcastle Herald shares that fear, but the parodying of Obama's hope portrait is a bewildering choice.

Which other front pages would you add to the mix?