Most Important Founding Father You May Not Remember, James Madison

Thursday is the birthday of an important Founding Father Individuals could not even keep in mind. He doesn’t have a musical written about him. He doesn’t have an HBO sequence. However he is likely one of the most important Founders within the historical past of america.

Thursday is the 272nd anniversary of James Madison’s start. Greater than another Founder, Madison is to thank for the construction of our nice authorities. It’s due to his dedication and genius that we’ve got the separation of powers, a bicameral legislature, and proportional illustration.

However it’s this very system of separated powers that’s beneath menace right this moment. The truth that the federal forms takes legislative, government, and judicial energy unto itself is a menace to consultant authorities. It’s time to push again towards this overreach and restore congressional authority in step with Madison’s system.

Why is that this so necessary? 

It’s due to Madison’s foresight that our nation has been capable of guard towards centralized energy for over 200 years. And right this moment, as we face an ever-growing federal authorities in search of to manage the lives of Individuals from cradle to grave, the very best factor we will do for our nation is return to Madison’s authentic system—constitutional authorities.  

To determine what which means, we will learn what Madison wrote himself. He laid out a brand new “science of politics” in each the ninth and 10th Federalist Papers. Right here we study that we’ve got his thought of an prolonged republic to thank for convincing skeptical Individuals that republican authorities is feasible. Most Individuals within the 18th century seemed down on republics as a failed type of authorities. Madison and the remainder of the Founders sought to show them fallacious—and it labored! 

Madison found the answer to the traditional drawback of tyranny of the bulk. He devised a system whereby the varied pursuits of our rising nation would compete with one another, stopping a single group from dominating the others.

That is why our nation has been capable of rise above even our personal failures. Madison believed in our means to enhance upon the previous. He managed to plot a constitutional system that would constantly enhance upon itself as time moved ahead. 

Right this moment, our system of presidency has created probably the most highly effective and affluent nation to ever exist. Our Founders constructed a nation that permits all Individuals to attain their goals ought to they select to work for them. Madison believed in self-government, not authorities management. This basis of self-government spurred generations of Individuals to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit that has ushered the world into the trendy age. 

Within the brief span of lower than three centuries, our nation has grown from a set of disparate colonies to probably the most highly effective nation within the historical past of the world, and it’s because of the system of presidency created by Madison. No different nation, kingdom, or empire has flourished like America has, and we’ve got our Founding Fathers, led by the windfall of God, to thank for it. That’s one thing value defending.

We even have Madison to thank for the Invoice of Rights—one in all our most necessary instruments right this moment for preserving liberty.

Many Founders, together with Madison himself, didn’t assume itemizing out our rights was needed. In an ideal world, maybe they might have been proper. But figuring out that males aren’t angels, we must be abundantly grateful that we’ve got this record of authorized protections to fall again on when the federal authorities infringes on our God-given rights—which it’s doing at an growing and alarming price. 

Having authorities acknowledge the elementary precept that rights are inalienable and come from God was not solely distinctive on the time, it was radical and had by no means been achieved earlier than. Enshrining every part from the liberty of spiritual train to the fitting to maintain and bear arms is what has given our nation its status because the “Land of the Free.” And we’ve got unfold these concepts of freedom around the globe. 

Sadly, right this moment, that freedom is beneath assault. Radical leftist ideologies search to tear down the establishments and techniques put in place by the Founding technology and substitute them with a dystopian nightmare. We’ve got based mostly our present success on the superior efforts of our ancestors. We should not sacrifice this success on the altar of failed political ideologies like communism and socialism. 

Over the course of our historical past, the chief department has usurped an increasing number of energy. Because the onset of the twentieth century, presidents have elevated their use of government orders to bypass Congress. However the menace to our constitutional system goes past political agendas.

Take President Joe Biden’s lately signed government order. With out consulting Congress, the president signed into regulation an order selling using “red-flag legal guidelines” on firearm purchasers, which inherently violates the Second Modification. This order provides the federal authorities higher willpower over what constitutes a “red-flag” and who will probably be given to. That is particularly regarding provided that the president brazenly known as conservatives a “threat to democracy” and his administration investigated mother and father protesting COVID-19 protocols in school board hearings as domestic terrorists

If that wasn’t sufficient, this identical administration colluded with Massive Tech to censor conservative voices on social media platforms, violating their First Modification rights. These assaults immediately infringe upon protections Madison specified by the Invoice of Rights. 

The checks and balances outlined within the first articles of our founding doc are being thrown to the wayside in favor of a forms managed by the chief department.

That is what I’m preventing towards in Congress. We should do all we will to protect our Madisonian constitutional system. If the Structure falls, so, too, does the safety of our elementary rights and freedoms.

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