Report: Married Top News Executive Had 2-Year 'Inappropriate Relationship' with Host

March 06, 2019Mar 06, 2019

Amidst the “Me Too” movement, another potential scandal has recently surfaced into the public eye. Married E! News executive Bryce Kristensen (pictured below), 35, allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with E! News host Morgan Stewart, 30, that lasted more than two years.

According to Page Six, many fellow coworkers witnessed inappropriate sexual behavior between the two E! News staff members since 2016. Stewart is also married. The former actress’ husband is her former “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” co-star, Brendan Fitzpatrick.

“I think the whole company knows,” a source from NBC Universal acknowledged. “It was brought to the attention of [human resources] by multiple people because the behavior was so obvious.”

“I think it was endemic of a problem at E!,” another source added. “You have two married people at a company in this #MeToo environment with a bunch of young millennial women working there — it sends a horrible message.”  

Both Stewart and Kristensen have denied all allegations despite the multiple sources that have come forward with information. In wake of the allegations, an investigation at the network was reportedly conducted. It is unclear if the investigation closed or is ongoing.

“Morgan and I have been friends and colleagues for years, and nothing more than that,” Kristensen stated.

“Bryce and I have known each other since the beginning of my career and have been nothing more than friends and colleagues. I look forward to moving past these hurtful rumors and innuendo. As for Brendan and I, we remain happily married,” Steward said in a statement.

This story is developing and will be updated as more information is released to the public. In breaking news, a rock and roll icon recently suffered a stroke and is in need of prayer.