Morgan Freeman Has A Question For Joel Osteen: “Who Is God?”

April 18, 2016Apr 18, 2016

Actor Morgan Freeman who has portrayed God in several of his films, recently visited Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas and sat down with mega-church pastor Joel Osteen on the latest episode of his show ‘The Story Of God.’

Freeman asked Osteen, “Who is God?”

“I believe God is our Father, the Creator,” Osteen answered. “Somebody that gives us purpose and destiny.”  But according to the Christian Post, the answer to who is God is not a simple one.  “Sometimes it’s hard for people to say ‘how can I believe in something I can’t see?’”

Osteen continued his explanation. “When Jesus came he said, ‘I want you to come to me.’ So I tell people, ‘You can talk to God all through the day like you talk to your friend, in your thoughts you can say, God thank you for this day.’ I think God can be as involved in your life as much as you want him to be,” Osteen said. “That’s what we try to teach people to get God out of your Sunday morning box.

What do you think about Osteen’s answer? Who is God to you?