Morgan Freeman Fights Back After 'Malicious' Allegations

May 29, 2018May 29, 2018

Morgan Freeman is fighting back after the media has reported on his alleged inappropriate behavior against women. In fact, according to The Hill, Morgan Freeman is demanding that CNN outright retract a story that it published last week that accused the actor of harassment. 

A total of eight women were included in the CNN story, and all of them alleged that Freeman had engaged in inappropriate activity. The majority of them claimed that the actor made suggestive comments about their appearances. Eight other witnesses told the outlet that they could confirm the incidents. 

Freeman hired a law firm to defend him, Irell & Manella LLP, and they are demanding that CNN retract the story and issue an apology. They claim that CNN did not report on the issue fairly and honestly, and instead inaccurately associated Freeman with Hollywood men who have used their position to exploit women. 

"Given that Mr. Freeman is a world-renowned actor, and that the article sought to associate him with Hollywood actors and executives who have used their positions to trade sex for career advancement, it will come as no surprise to you that CNN’s article attracted explosive attention in newspapers and websites throughout the world," the letter stated, according to The Hill. "But no one who read CNN’s article about Mr. Freeman was told that it was the product of malicious intent, falsehoods, slight-of-hand, an absence of editorial control, and journalistic malpractice."

Freeman's attorneys claim that one of the women included in the article never actually accused Freeman of harassment.

"Anyone who knows me or has worked with me knows I am not someone who would intentionally offend or knowingly make anyone feel uneasy," the actor said. "I apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected — that was never my intent."

Freeman then spent the next day claiming that he did not engage in "horrific incidents of sexual assault" but rather "misplaced compliments or humor." 

"I also want to be clear," he added. "I did not create unsafe work environments. I did not assault women. I did not offer employment or advancement in exchange for sex. Any suggestion that I did so is completely false."

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