More Muslim Refugees In America? Ted Cruz Has Something To Say About That

November 17, 2015Nov 17, 2015

In the wake of the deadly attacks in Paris and the possibility of ISIS terrorists sneaking in amidst Syrian refugees, GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz has weighed in on what he believes America's response should be toward letting more Muslim refugees into our own country.

According to The Washington Post, Cruz said that we cannot ignore the religious aspects of these terrorist attacks — but that is precisely what Obama's administration is doing, which "makes them so unable to fight this enemy."

The Texas senator said that instead we should bar Muslim refugees from entering our country because there's no way to know which ones are associated with ISIS.


"We can’t roll the dice with the safety of Americans and bring in people for whom there is an unacceptable risk that they could be jihadists coming here to kill Americans."

Cruz doesn't believe the White House's intelligence community has proven that they're up to the task of keeping ISIS operatives out. Instead, he wants America to open its arm to displaced Christians from the Middle East, who "are being slaughtered."

He points out that it would be much safer because, "There is no meaningful risk of Christians committing acts of terror. We need to be working to provide a safe haven for those Christians who are being persecuted and facing genocide."

But what about the needs of Syrian refugees who aren't terrorists? Cruz says that the best place for them would be other Muslim countries.

There are some people who feel pulled both ways on this issue, such as Paulette Heckman of Florence, South Carolina, where Cruz attended a church service.

"As Christians we do have to be compassionate and empathetic. But I just believe as a country we've got to have a system in place to ensure safety to the best of our ability."

She feels we must wait until we have a better screening before we can welcome more Muslim refugees.

Where do you stand on this issue?