More Details Revealed in Death of Christian Actress, Family Shares Faith-Filled Message

August 07, 2018Aug 07, 2018

On July 24, Christian actress and author Wynter Pitts unexpectedly passed away. The founder of the popular faith-based magazine "For Girls Like You," died in her sleep, according to the Christian Post. She was only 38.

Pastor Tony Evans, her uncle, recently opened up about her passing. He also revealed how he maintains his faith in a good God in the face of his loss.

In a forum held at Oaks Church in Red Oak, Texas, Evan's children—Priscilla Shirer, Chrystal Evans Hurst, Anthony Evans Jr., and Jonathan Evans—sat down with their father. They came together to openly discuss Pitt's passing.

In the video, a sorrowful Shirer asked her father how he was feeling after Pitts' death, especially given that he was there when her family discovered her passing.

"Feeling that sadness, shock, mixture of both, heartache. Seeing a young man weep over his young wife. And then the worst part of it for me was him going to tell his girls, who were at the hospital too. And then to hear the wailing from four girls, that this was so unbelievable," the minister shared.

However, he revealed the faith-filled way that Pitt's husband responded to her passing: "At the very same time something very encouraging in the midst of the heartache, tears, and pain, Jonathan [Pitts] immediately went into where their mother was, that she was with the Lord. That she was with her savior. And as everybody was crying, girls saying, 'no this can't be, this can't be,' he began singing a hymn. He began singing a praise song. And so we joined in with him as he sang to his girls."

This isn't the first loss for the Evans family. Only six months ago, Tony's brother also passed away. In the video, Shirer and his other children expressed their concern for him and all that he has to bear.

"The kids wonder how you feel cause you just keep going," Jonathan Evans tearfully asked his dad.

He gave a faith-filled and important answer: "Because I believe what I preach. I do believe she's in a better place. I do believe in the sovereignty of God. I do believe in the goodness of God. I do believe. And because I believe, I do keep going," Tony Evans responded.

Jonathan Evans continued, once again prodding his father for answers on how a good God could let his cousin pass away so unexpectedly.

"The goodness of God is all around us," Tony Evans assured. "It only comes into question when bad things happen. You take away the bad things, we were celebrating with Jonathan Pitts and his family, the goodness of God as a family. We were celebrating that and then this happens. So now the questions come. But what about all those other days when there were no questions when we were laughing and celebrating? So you have to put the badness of a situation against the history of God's goodness."

However, that doesn't mean that Evans believes you can't be angry about death. His son, Anthony Evans Jr. admitted that he feels angry about his cousin's passing.

"It's okay to feel the pain of God disappointing you," his father consoled.

"You gotta have the right theology of death," Tony Evans continued. "Cause if you don't, death is only a negative. When in God's economy, it's not only a negative. In God's economy, he makes an astounding statement. He says, 'Blessed is the Lord with the death of his saints.' That is, he is excited to have Wynter with him. Now, we're not because of what was lost. But he's excited to have Wynter with him."

Watch the full video here:

A GoFundMe account was set up to help the Pitts family during their time of grief. They have raised over $100,000 to decry the cost of her unexpected passing.

Please keep this family in your prayers as they mourn the loss of a remarkable woman.

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