More Bad News After Disaster Strikes, Hundreds Feared Dead

January 27, 2019Jan 27, 2019

A tragic news story is coming in out of Brazil this weekend. A dam has collapsed and the rushing water has caused massive mudslides in the region. Now, officials from the scene are releasing more details.

The water poured onto the surrounding areas after the dam was destroyed. Rescuers are doing their best to try and reach any survivors from the massive catastrophe.

"Firefighters on Sunday called for the evacuation of some 24,000 people from the Brazilian town hit by a deadly mudslide from a ruptured mining dam as rains added to concerns a second dam could collapse," reported Reuters.

The evacuations came after sirens went off around sunrise in the region. The remaining dams nearby are all at dangerous levels and located near mines. Officials are working to get everyone away from them in case disaster strikes again.

"Pedro Aihara, a spokesman for the state fire department, said they believed the situation was dangerous, but he could not comment on the actual risk of another dam break. The second dam being monitored is about 50 meters (0.03 mile) from the burst dam and part of a large industrial complex," according to the report.

Officials in the area have been working around the clock on their recovery efforts. However, the State Governor said there is very little chance that many victims will be found alive. At this time, 58 people have been confirmed dead from the mudslide. Hundreds are still missing.

"It is not clear what caused the collapse of the dam, owned by Brazil's largest mining company, Vale. This incident comes just over three years after another dam burst in Mariana, also in Minas Gerais. Nineteen people were killed, in what is considered to be Brazil's worst environmental disaster," reported BBC.

Please join us in praying for everyone who has been impacted by this terrible tragedy. We pray for God's hand to be upon the region as so many people go through this awful time. Please share your prayers as well in the comments section of our Facebook page!