Monica Lewinsky Opens Up Like Never Before, Reveals What She'd Say to Hillary If They Ever Met

November 14, 2018Nov 14, 2018

Monica Lewinsky is a name that is very often mentioned when speaking about the Clintons. The former White House intern became a national celebrity after news broke concerning her inappropriate relationship with President Bill Clinton.

Now, in an interview like never before, Monica is speaking out about the events in her life. She opened up as part of a docuseries called "The Clinton Affair" that is premiering this week on A&E. Monica is now 45-years-old.

"The six-part special aims to examine the jaw-dropping events that led to the now-72-year-old’s impeachment, which occurred on Dec. 19, 1998. Lewinsky and her parents, as well as those close to Clinton, including former senior advisor Sidney Blumenthal and former lawyer Bob Bennett, participated in the documentary," reported Fox News.

Monica also shared what she has been though in her personal life thanks to the events from 1995. She even discussed what her friends and close family members think about her involvement in the documentary.

“Filming the documentary forced me to acknowledge to myself past behavior that I still regret and feel ashamed of,” she explained. “There were many, many moments when I questioned not just the decision to participate, but my sanity itself. Despite all the ways I tried to protect my mental health, it was still challenging. During one therapy session, I told my therapist I was feeling especially depressed. She suggested that sometimes what we experience as depression is actually grief… Yes, it was grief. The process of this docuseries led me to new rooms of shame that I still needed to explore.”

Monica also discussed what she would say to Hillary Clinton if they were to ever meet face-to-face. Her words are sharply contrasted by what Bill has said about Monica.

"In June of this year, Clinton faced criticism for declaring in an interview with NBC’s Craig Melvin that he didn’t believe he should have to apologize directly to Lewinsky because he had publicly apologized 20 years ago. But Lewinsky thinks Clinton 'should want to apologize' to her," reported Fox News.

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