Moms Will Be Super Bummed After Iconic Store Announces Major Closures

January 24, 2018Jan 24, 2018

One of the most famous retail stores in the world has just announced they are making some major closures in 2018. Moms across the nation, and their children, will be sad to see it happen.

Toys-R-Us, the mage toy store that's grown to international fame, has announced they are going to be closing 182 store locations. The move comes after a recent trend that has seen other retail giants closing their doors. Experts give a lot of credit to consumers switching shopping habits to the online world for why classic brick and mortar locations are not remaining profitable.

“I want you to know that we can and will address the gaps in the experience that you have had when shopping this holiday,” the company’s chief executive, Dave Brandon, said in a letter to customers that was released late Tuesday.

As many as 4,500 workers could be affected. A spokeswoman said the company would try to find positions in other stores for as many of the displaced workers as they could, according to the New York Times.

The closure marks 20% of all the stores they currently operate. Experts state that if the company continues to decline, both in retail stores and in the online world, it could spell big trouble and possibly an end to iconic toy seller.

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