Mom Thrown in Jail for Having Her Daughter Baptized

February 19, 2018Feb 19, 2018

A Mother from Charlotte, North Carolina has been sentenced to jail time after having her daughter baptized in the Catholic Church. The girl's mother, Kendra Stocks, will serve 7 days in a local jail beginning last Friday.

Stocks and her daughter's father, Paul Schaaf, have been in a custody battle over their daughter for the past few years. Included in their parenting discord was their disagreement on their daughter's baptism.

Court records show that the father attends Mass every week and is a devout Catholic. Also included in the records was the decision to grant Schaaf "final decision-making authority on all legal custody decisions, including decisions concerning religion."

Following the court's decision, Stocks allegedly went ahead and had their daughter baptized in the Catholic church the very next day. Even with a warning from the judge of possible jail time, Stocks decided to have her daughter baptized without her Schaaf's permission and without him even being there to witness the special event. 

The girls father later found out about the baptism on Facebook. According to reports, court documents state, "the mother has acted selfishly by depriving the father of the ability to be present at an event that was extraordinarily important to him.”

Stocks was then found by the judge to be in contempt of court and was sentenced to seven days in jail.

Shortly before the start of her sentence, she shared her side of the story. “Her father and I both agreed on baptizing her. I regret that he wasn't part of it, but I don't regret we’re raising her in the Catholic faith, which is what we both wanted,” Stocks said.

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