Was This Mom RIGHT About Not Sharing?

April 26, 2017Apr 26, 2017

The job of parenting is hard.  How do you teach your kid to be strong but kind? Confident but compassionate? It's no easy feat, and often different parents have very different (strong) opinions on how to do it the right way.  

Such is illustrated by the post Alanya Kolberg wrote and the incredible response to it, both positive and negative. Kolberg took her young son to the park where he was asked by 6 different older boys to play with the toys he brought. 

He had planned to share them with a little girl who was meeting him there, and he didn't know what to do. He felt overwhelmed. So his mother told him he didn't have to share and could simply tell the other boys "No" without further explanation.

Well, that is where it heated up. According to Kolberg, the other mothers at the park gave her dirty looks. And when she explained her reasoning on Facebook, it became a great debate. 




Many moms agreed with Kolberg.



But others didn't.



What do you think? Should you teach your kid to share no matter what? Or should you allow there to be boundaries? Share your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!