Mom of Teen Killed in Kentucky Shooting Speaks Out About Daughter’s Final Moments

January 25, 2018Jan 25, 2018

15-year-old Bailey Holt was one of two Kentucky students killed in the Marshall County High School shooting earlier this week. On Tuesday, a male student opened fire on school grounds, tragically taking the life of two of his classmates and injuring at least 18 others.

On Wednesday, Holt’s parents spoke to the media about their daughter’s final living moments. The teen reportedly tried to call her mother when the gunshots started, reported WSBTV.

“She called me and all I could hear was voices, chaos in the background,” Holt’s mom, Secret Holt, said. “She couldn’t say anything and I tried to call her name over and over and over and she never responded.”

Holt’s mother and father immediately rushed to the school, but authorities refused to let them through. As they awaited their daughter’s face in the crowd of dozens and dozens of students getting off the safety transport buses, they became extremely worried.

“The principal at North Marshal came and got me, and took us outside and we got in a cop car and they took us to the fire department and told us what happened,” Secret continued.

In the eyes of the young girl’s parents, their daughter was “a perfect angel.”

They described her as sweet, someone who loved to help others, kind-hearted, and amazing. Holt wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse when she grew up.

Secret also touched on her struggle with the shooter, “I don’t know if I can go to court and see him. I just don’t know if I can, but I want him to pay for everything he’s done. I also want to pray for him, too, because I know he’s probably having a hard time, too, but he took our baby. He still took my baby from me.”

“Whatever that kid had going through his mind, I don’t know. But if he needed a friend, I just know [Bailey Holt] would’ve been a friend to him and talked to him about anything he needed, because that’s just the kind of person she was.”

Please keep this family and all of those affected by this tragedy in your prayers. For more details about the recent shooting, please visit our other article here.

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