Mom of Child Killed at Sandy Hook Has Powerful Message for Shooter's Mom

December 14, 2017Dec 14, 2017

On December 14, 2012, a tragedy took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. Now, five years later, America has not forgotten the 20 children and 6 educators whose lives were lost in the tragic school shooting.

Though most of America may think of the tragedy from time to time, the family members who lost loved ones are reminded of the tragedy daily. Now, on the 5th anniversary, one mother who lost her daughter in the shooting is speaking out.

Jennifer Hubbard appeared on TODAY with Megyn Kelly. Jennifer’s daughter, Catherine, was only 6 when she was killed by shooter Adam Lanza.

Another person that was shot and killed in the tragedy was Adam Lanza’s mother, Nancy. After the incident, many people began blaming Nancy, who was a volunteer teacher at the school, for the entire attack. A witness had said that Adam hated the school because “Lanza apparently felt that his mother loved the students more than him.”

Many of the family members also blamed Nancy because she is the one that introduced her children to guns. Additionally, she noted about a month prior to the attack that Adam was struggling with mental health issues but did not take action on it.

While Nancy’s name has been intricately attached to this tragedy, Jennifer Hubbard is now speaking out about her. Hubbard thinks that forgiveness is the most powerful gift that she can give.

Hubbard said, “Until I live in Nancy’s shoes and live and walk her journey, I have no right to judge her. She clearly paid for the choices that she made.”

“Unfortunately our family was impacted by choices her son made,” she continued. “It’s not my job, thankfully, to judge him or the life they lived because I don’t want to be judged. If that means forgiveness, then yeah. I don’t want to carry that anger and that hatred.”

Hubbard went on to talk about living past the tragedy, especially when it involves her 13-year-old son who was a third grader at the time of the attack.

She said, “It’s a struggle because it would be easy, even understandable, if I crawled into bed, put the covers up, and said, ’That’s it, I’m out.' And I think most people would say you have every right to do that.”

“The simple fact that he has a life to live and he has every right to be a teenager and live his story is the reason that we don’t pull up the covers and we don’t relive it. He was there. It’s his reality. And to dwell on it and stay focused on it is not where I feel like that’s healthy.”

After the tragedy, the Hubbards decided to open an animal shelter on behalf of Catherine.

Jennifer said, “We really feel like we know Catherine and her voice has a gift to give to the world, and so we are the only ones that can be that voice. So we don’t want to dilute it. We want to stay focused on honoring her life and her love.”

What do you think about this? Please continue praying for those who lost loved ones at Sandy Hook during this important anniversary. In other recent news, another member of the Today show is leaving, just after Matt Lauer's firing.

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