Mom Murders Her Husband, Adult Kids, Family Dog After Local Church Ignores Her

February 22, 2018Feb 22, 2018

A tragic story has just made headlines around the country. According to local law enforcement officials, a mother has just been found to have murdered her husband, her two children, and the family dog, before turning the gun on herself and committing suicide.

This is an extremely tragic situation and details are still coming into local officials. Please join us at this time praying for all those affected by this horrible tragedy.

According to reports, Lauren Stuart is accused of killing her family. The 45-year-old amateur model and part-time personal trainer is thought to have potentially murdered her family after they were shunned by her local church.

"Longtime friend Joyce Taylor told the Free Press that she and other friends believe an incident from five years earlier might have been a factor in Stuart’s crime. The family was part of the local Jehovah’s Witness congregation, Taylor said. But five years ago, the church shunned them," wrote People.

"The Stuarts wanted their children to be college educated, which the church was against. She said being shunned from the church meant that no one from the church, not even other family members, can contact you," reported People.

Stuart's family had become worried when they were unable to make any contact and requested the police department stop by their home to do a welfare check. It was at that time that officials found the bodies.

"Upon arrival, authorities discovered four bodies in the home. The victims had all been shot in the head, according to Keego Harbor police. A handgun was located at the scene, and the family’s dog had also been fatally shot," according to reports.

Although the family had come to odds for religious reasons, they were still shocked to learn about the incident. They said the family was very normal and loving and that Lauren cherished her husband. They acknowledged there was some stress, however.

“She worshiped Danny. Danny worshiped her. They were like hand in glove,” Taylor told the paper. “But she was very concerned about Dan. He was prone to depression and she was always worried about him.”

What do you think about this? Please send your prayers and let us know your thoughts. Also, be sure to read our viral article about the final social media post Graham made just hours before his death.

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