Tragic: Mom from Viral Maternity Pictures Announces Death of Son

November 15, 2017Nov 15, 2017

Earlier this year, a mother’s unique (and risky) maternity shoot went viral. Emily Mueller, mother of three, was pregnant with her fourth child—a sweet baby boy—when she had the idea of taking her maternity pictures while being covered in 20,000 bees.

Mueller and her husband operated a bee colony removal business, which focuses on saving bees, so she was very familiar and comfortable with the insects. She decided to incorporate bees into her maternity shoot because they are a big part of her family’s lives.

Sadly, Mueller recently announced that the child she was carrying was stillborn, reported Fox. In a lengthy Facebook post on Monday, Mueller went into the heartbreaking details surrounding the event of losing her son, whom they named Emersyn Jacob.

Before the doctor confirmed that the baby had passed, Mueller was faced with worry and concern when the movement of the baby drastically minimized. She described the entire situation as “unbearable.”

In midst of the great tragedy, her family leaned on God—who had comforted them in miraculous ways. She ended her post with Bible verse Ecclesiastes 11:5 and assured that “what we have gone through was not in vain and the Lord Almighty will lead us on our path to heal and learn His journey.”

Read Mueller’s full Facebook post below:

The family also took pictures with precious Emersyn after Mueller had to deliver him stillborn. She noted, “Jesus decided he needed his own beekeeper.”

Previously, Mueller revealed that before giving birth to three beautiful children, she had three miscarriages. At the time that her maternity shoot was viewed by thousands of people across the nation, she stated, “Bees represent life and death. We’ve had three miscarriages, so these pictures are dedicated to life and death, to all of the children we’ve had.”

Please keep this family in your prayers today. In other recent news, a Hollywood actress had to turn herself in after facing drug charges.

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