Mom Alters Husband’s Old Shirts for Her Daughters, The Result is Stunning

August 11, 2017Aug 11, 2017

A mother of four from Utah, Stephanie Miller, is taking over the internet with her creativity. Stephanie alters her husband’s old shirts into cute outfits for her daughters; the result is absolutely stunning!

On her Instagram account, she showcases a variety of rompers and dresses that were recreated from her husband’s dress shirts. See a few examples below.

The story behind her hobby is even more special. According to ABC News, after the Millers had their first child, Stephanie struggled emotionally and physically. Her husband, Jon, bought her a $50 sewing machine, never imagining the great purpose it would help his wife fulfill.

Stephanie’s creative idea helped her overcome postpartum depression. She said, “It totally got me out of a slump. Just having an outlet besides being a mom I think is so important. It’s so important for us to have hobbies and dreams and aspirations outside of our children.”

She continued, “It’s important for [children] to see their parents follow their dreams because it gives them liberty to follow their own dreams. It also lets them know they’re not the center of the universe.”

This DIY project is awesome! Would you try this? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments. You can also read another uplifting story about how Tim Tebow left one autistic boy in tears at one of his games here. Thank you!

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