Modern Times 'Realistically Seem to be Apocalyptic,' Declares Catholic Cardinal

August 10, 2017Aug 10, 2017

Cardinal Burke isn’t speaking about any specific event, nor is he saying that the upcoming solar eclipse is a sign of end times, as a handful of other Christian leaders have. Rather, this Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church believes that “confusion, division, and error” among Catholic clergymen may be a sign of end times. Speaking on July 22, the cardinal remarked that the times "realistically seem to be apocalyptic."

Burke believes that Western culture has been ravaged by moral relativism to the point that Christian morality almost ceases to exist. Throughout the West, the demise of Christian culture has been occurring for centuries. But only in the past several decades has the evils of modern culture infiltrated their way into the Church.

“In a diabolical way, the confusion and error which has led human culture in a way of death and destruction has also entered into the Church, so that she draws near to the culture without seeming to know her own identity and mission, without seeming to have the clarity and the courage to announce the Gospel of Life and Divine Love to a radically secularized culture,” remarked Burke.

According to LifeSite News, Burke cited as one example the recent remarks from the president of the German bishops’ conference, where Cardinal Reinhard Marx claimed that the legalization of same-sex marriage was not a major concern of the Church. Rather, Marx insisted that the Church should be more concerned with fostering greater tolerance toward those with same-sex attraction.

Cardinal Burke was recently one of four Cardinals who signed the "Dubia" asking Pope Francis to clarify doctrinal ambiguities in his teaching. Burke and other cardinals were worried that certain elements of Amoris Laetitia, authored by Pope Francis, was at odds with Catholic moral teaching, notably with regard to the handling of divorce persons. 

“For whatever reason, many shepherds are silent about the situation in which the Church finds herself or have abandoned the clarity of the Church’s teaching for the confusion and error which is wrongly thought to address more effectively the total collapse of Christian culture,” he remarked.

Burke also attacked the secular media’s portrayal of Pope Francis as a revolutionary rather than a reformer. Pope Francis, Burke claimed, is not a revolutionary who wishes to change the Church by breaking with Tradition. Although it may be true that the secular Western media has portrayed the Pope in this manner, there is little truth in this view.

“The mass media has certainly wanted to pick and choose among the declarations of Pope Francis, in order to demonstrate that the Catholic Church is undergoing a revolution and is changing radically its teaching on certain key questions of faith and especially of morals,” he remarked.

Cardinal Burke urged Catholics to not “worry whether these times are apocalyptic or not, but to remain faithful, generous and courageous in serving Christ in His Mystical Body, the Church. For we know that the final chapter of the story of these times is already written. It is the story of the victory of Christ over sin and its most deadly fruit, eternal death."

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